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Into the process

From flat SMC to final tractor hood

By Neil Matthews - Plant Manager, GSI UK

I would like to give you a brief description of the process and introduce you to a number of our employees that work in GSI Gloucester within the process and get the part from flat SMC material to final Tractor Hood.

So we start from flat pack material made from our plants in Italy/Germany and our new production facility in Basildon (UK). The first process is to check and clean the glue and screw the hoods together, each one of our 12 hoods now processed here has a multitude of different processes that have to be followed, this is the skill of the operators to assemble each hood type to the process.

Now we move to the priming operation. After assembly the part moves to a pre-prime process involving sanding and chemical cleaning of the part before we apply the primer. Once primed the part is stoved for 30 mins at 80 degrees to harden the paint.

See Craig Smith applying a coat

Like painting your door at home, to get a good finish at the end the work must be good at the start, with the preparation and priming being the key processes to ensure the part is good before final painting.

From here we see the parts enter the final preparation then pre-paint inspection. We see the parts checked to ensure there is no defect within the part or primer.

We now move onto where we see the hood finally beginning to look like the finished article, painting. By applying two stages of topcoat you ensure a high gloss finish. As the paint is applied, the high gloss finish starts to appear and the hood leaves the final booth in the “CNH blue” and into the ovens again for stoving.

Into the process

Once stoved, the part is sent straight to the final polishers and inspectors for checking. The aim is for the part to come out with no polishing requirement but if needed then a small amount of localised polishing can be done.

Now we move to final grilling and packing. In this part of the process, the parts have all the grilles/bezels and metalwork attached. This is done by way of gluing and screwing all the parts onto the hood. Once again there are over 200 different parts that go onto the various types of hoods, all done to a process and then checked off and sent for a final inspection.

There the parts are signed off and packed.

So the process is complete and the part is finished, ready for the customer. The part is delivered and within a few days will be fitted onto a tractor and shipped to another CNH customer.

Here we see Gary Scott

Now you have a complete process from start to finish on how a flat pack panel becomes a finished hood. The whole process takes 2 days from build to shipping out. Man and Machine working together in a process flow to ensure over 150+ parts per day leave the plant and arrive at the customer.

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour of GSI Gloucester and what we do. A total “PROCESS FLOW”

Into the process

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