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GSI Group close to the Customer
A world without borders

By Raffaele Marotta - New Plants Launch

The new plant, GSI Austria has become a reality.
GSI Group achieved the goal of integrating the company and the customer,
taking the opportunity to improve the strategy, both, in terms of effectiveness
and efficiency.
The order-delivery cycle is now a real sequence,
and this offers a more reliable, safer and faster partnership.
By sharing planning through sequence production, stock, available
production capacity and so on, it is possible to further consolidate
the strategic cooperation between the GSI Group and the customer.
The Austrian lacquering and assembling plant has been designed
and built according to advanced technology, according to a model capable
of granting constant flexibility and reliability of applications and production flows.
Since the beginning, the results achieved in the finished product have confirmed
the effectiveness of this project shared by the customer.
The results of the lacquering process are absolutely outstanding
from a quality and an aesthetic point of view.

Austria plant

The Austrian plant is consistent with the strategies
and goals defined by the company.
It has been built to perform the following activities:
- Deburring
- Sandpapering
- Painting with Primer
- Drying
- Final painting
- Component final drying

Austria plant

The design and the subsequent building is the result of the use of long term
high-reliable technology and procedures capable of granting
maximum security to the workers.
The plant currently operating with solvent-base products has been arranged
to be easily converted to water-base product operating plant,
in order to further protect the environment, as defined in the company
policy of GSI, as a priority.
Following the experience acquired by our company in the processing
of outside painted products, we wanted to develop an application process
that was able to grant complete reliability of the finished product.
In accordance with the characteristics requested, we worked to obtain
a complete compliance of colour, brightness, expansion, adhesion
and optimal physical and mechanical properties, such as resistance to wear,
UV radiation, thermal stress, etc.
All the results obtained with sampled products shared with the customer
have been duly certified by an internal laboratory and further certified
by an external accredited body.
For the aesthetic appearance we were able to achieve excellent results,
on par with the requirements of the automotive brands, consequently
much higher than those of the current agricultural industry, partly thanks
to the development of the plastic support moulding process (SMC).

Despite the serious problems faced in the development of the project,
caused by incredibly long bureaucratic procedures, we didn't give up
and today GSI Austria is a reality.

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